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Our Story

All Women Are Fabulous! 

The phrase is so simple and it is the reason that Kallana Johnson founded KJC Fashions.  After having her first child she realized that her once small frame was now curvier.  She noticed that when she went into brick and mortar stores her size was hard to find in certain styles and colors.  So, she turned to online shopping.  She found numerous stores that had what she wanted....what made her feel beautiful.  However, she would have to spend hours online searching.

Many women have had this same disappointing experience and it simply is not right.  Women come in all sizes, shapes, and personalities.  All of us are beautiful just the way we are and deserve to easily shop for fashion in one location that makes us feel fabulous.  That is the goal of KJC Fashions.  Each style, color, and design is handpicked by our owner.  We vow to continuously add more inventory in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes at reasonable prices so that you can look fabulous!