Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes

If you are like me, you have a ton of shoes cluttering the bottom of your closet.  My husband would say get rid of some of them, but that is definitely not the answer.  We just need a little organization on a budget.  Here is an easy, quick, inexpensive do-it-yourself shoe organization idea:

Tension Rods:


You don't need to get huge rods, the 7/16" diameter ones will do.  You can get these at Walmart for between $2 and $4 a piece depending on the length you want.  Arrange them along the closet sidewall or another small "nook" area for an instant shoe rack.  The best part about it is it takes very little time to install, there are no nail holes in your walls, and you can easily remove them when you no longer need them.

 tension rod shoe rack - diy shoe rack



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