Closet Organization on a Budget

CLUTTER, CLUTTER, CLUTTER!  You have to do something to get your closet under control, but don't spend a fortune to do it.  Try some of these simple do-it-yourself organization hacks.

  • Uniformity is the first step and different types of hangers can be an eyesore. You could go out and buy all new hangers....but why?  Quick Fix: Spray paint all of your hangers the same color rather than buying new ones.
  • No Slip Hangers are a definite plus but can be expensive.  Transform your existing hangers instead.  Quick Fix: Coil pipe cleaners around the ends of the hangers to create an instant grip for those slippery tanks and camisoles. 

  • Free up space easily.  Double Up Your Hangers rather than buying more.  Quick Fix: Take a pop can tab to give you a mechanism to hang the 2nd hanger.

  • Organize by Category.  Many people think to color coordinate their closet, but it does not solve their issue.  By separating by the type of item, it looks neater and you can then even color coordinate within the item types.
  • Use what you have.  Did you know that shower hooks can make great hangers for scarves or belts, without using tons of space?  They can!
  • Use Wasted Space.  The sidewalls of the closet are usually empty....use them.  Add command hooks or even small racks to maximize your closet space.
There are so many ways to "hack" your closets.  Happy Organizing!

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