6 Reasons to Clean Out your Closet for Spring!

spring cleaning

Most people do not look forward to spring cleaning at all.  The weather is turning nice and you would love to be outside enjoying it.  However, you know that you need to get rid of the tons of unwanted or unused stuff that has come to inhabit every space of your home within the winter season.  The funny thing is that most people forget about their closets and just keep adding more clothes.  Here are some great reasons to not ignore your closet this Spring:

1) You have run out of hangers:  I know you are thinking that you can just buy more hangers.  While this is true, it also means that you will pack your clothes tighter and tighter in the closet.  The more items packed into the closet, the last chance that you will even wear most of them.  Waste of money and space!

2) You can spend less time ironing:  The closer your clothes are together in a closet, the more wrinkles they will have when you pull them out.  Giving you clothes space will make ironing so much easier!

3) To avoid buying unnecessary items:  Let's face it...when we have tons of clothes in the closet, we lose sight of what we actually have.  So, we spend money on items that we already have and thus add to the problem.  Cleaning out your closet gives you time to assess what you have, what you want to keep, what you don't need, and what you need.

4) You can help the community:  How does your closet affect the community, you ask?  There are so many individuals that are less fortunate that need clothes.  Plenty of nonprofit and for profit organizations would be happy to get your unwanted clothes to someone in need.  The best part is you will feel great after doing it!

5)  To find some peace of mind:  If you are like me, there is nothing more frustrating than clutter.  Just the sight of my cluttered closet brought instant stress.  I took one morning and cleaned out everyone's closet in the house and it felt great.  Take back your peace of mind, get to cleaning.

6) Reinvent youself and get a boost:  It is amazing what a new hairstyle, new dress, and shoes can do for your attitude.  Everyone has sales including KJC Fashions.  Out with the old and in with the new you!

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