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Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes

If you are like me, you have a ton of shoes cluttering the bottom of your closet.  My husband would say get rid of some of them, but that is definitely not the answer.  We just need a little organization on a budget.  Here is an easy, quick, inexpensive do-it-yourself shoe organization idea:  Tension Rods.

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Closet Organization on a Budget

CLUTTER, CLUTTER, CLUTTER! You have to do something to get your closet under control, but don't spend a fortune to do it. Try some of these simple do-it-yourself organization hacks. 

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2018 Fashion Trends To Start Wearing Now

Everyone always wants to know the new fashion trends.  From sequins to multiple bags, check out what's hot for the 2018 Spring/Summer Season.

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6 Reasons to Clean Out your Closet for Spring!

spring cleaning

Most people do not look forward to spring cleaning at all.  The weather is turning nice and you would love to be outside enjoying it.  However, you know that you need to get rid of the tons of unwanted or unused stuff that has come to inhabit every space of your home within the winter season.  The funny thing is that most people forget about their closets and just keep adding more clothes.  Here are some great reasons to not ignore your closet this Spring: 1) You have run out of hangers:  I know you are thinking that you can...

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